2020 Year Review

From Clicks To Bricks

The past year felt like one big exhaustion. Now that I look at it, I did manage to achieve many things, but internally, I was suffocating, because the reality didn’t meet my expectations.

I think a lot of this has to do with the unexpected growth of my side business which strayed me away from what I really wanted to be and focus on, and unexpectedly ate up all my free time.

Instead of spending my time to focus on finding my next idea worth pursuing and building an online business around it (i.e. “clicks”), I spent my creative time producing and shipping concrete sculptures (i.e. “bricks”).

My silly hobby is now a true business, bringing enough revenue I could probably survive on it. It’s a labor of love that spiralled out of control.

Every Monday, I prepare and ship ~10 little concrete busts all around the world

But being a software developer and indie hacker by heart, do I really want to continue doing this?

I’m not so sure.

That’s the identity crysis I mentioned. On the one hand, with my knowledge I have a shot of building things online, which has unlimited upside and predictable revenue, while on the other hand, I have this brick and mortar business which can’t really scale and it constantly needs routine work.

Recent revenue from Etsy alone. Net margin is 70%.

What should I focus on?

I still can’t decide. But I did decide I sure as heck don’t want to deal with production and shipping anymore. I’m glad to announce I’m soon bringing a part time person to help with these things I don’t wanna do anymore so I can focus on development of new products and marketing. These are the things I do enjoy and life will be happier for me that way.


In 2020 I did a couple of new art pieces. Somehow my Instagram account grew past 4000 followers. People seem to really enjoy concrete artworks.

Also, there’s someone who offered me 1k EUR for an art piece. We’re still finalizing the deal. I don’t really want to sell it, but I do want to get that sweet validation.

Other interesting things that happened

I had a phone call on a wooden phone

Built a little lawn garden in front of the house, and a fence around it

Made BBQ on a beautiful beach

Had a party in the park

Played the seinfeld theme on a jew harp


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