2021 Year Review

2021 was a year I will definitely remember - I was riding the highest highs, and found myself dragging through the lowest of the low.

I learned a lot about myself, and implemented processes that enable me to have more time and resources for personal growth, self discovery and wellbeing.

Here’s a couple of areas that deserve an update.

Side Business

I run an Etsy shop where I sell handmade busts of influential people.

In last year’s review I mentioned doing all this by myself (production, processing, shipping) is driving me nuts.

I’m happy to report I found a person who took over the production, processing and shipping part. Now I focus on what energizes me - product research, customer support, and development of new products.

I’m really proud I was able to pull this off and keep the company profitable.

Perhaps the most important point here is that I’m no longer treating this as a profitable hobby. It’s a real business now, and I enjoy operating it.

I also bought a new workshop studio:


Programming is still my main job. Around June I terminated contracts with all my consulting clients, and took a summer break.

Then, I started a new job at Cardstack, where we make tools for creators in the Web3 realm.

This took some time getting used to. I’m used to working on SaaS products, and collecting as much user data as legally possible. Here, it’s the other way around!

I see Web3 as a social experiment and I’m happy to work at the forefront of this movement.


I managed to produce 3 new artworks. I’m happy I discovered an art style that I really like, and I want to push this concept further, create more pieces and host an exhibition.

I was also commisioned to build a monument - an art sculpture placed in a public spot in my hometown of Šentrupert, Slovenia.

Posing next to the monument I built, in Šentrupert, Slovenia.

This was a truly special achievement for me. My craftsmanship was put to the real test.

Here’s a blog post on how I built it.


  1. Got Covid 🦠

  2. Made stupid poses

What’s next?

I have a 3 important goals for next year:

  1. Move to Ljubljana
  2. Grow my side business to the point where it pays for all my living costs
  3. Have an art exhibition in fall


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